Friday, August 17, 2018

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You can have up to 4 members on a team for free and each additional member is only $10 per month. It will take us up to 24 hours to manually add the new members to your account. You can watch the video to see and how sign the procedure works or just follow these steps. It is really easy so let’s get started. First go ahead and click on to the CRM tab on the menu. If you are a registered member with a password and login just login. If you are not a registered member do not register it will happen automatically when you sign up for a new team.  On the “Welcome to Setup Sales Opportunity for Teams panel click” the “Create Team” button. Here you can Name your team.  After naming the team you will select the number of users Up to four are free.  Once the number is selected your will need to fill out the First Name, last and email for each team member. We suggest that you allow as few admin(s) as possible and if only one person who administers the site is best. Once this step is complete each member will receive an email with a password.  Return to the site and using your CRM.

Import Your Contacts Easily.        Contact Management Video Tutorial.

Getting you contacts imported is easy in the Free CRM with Sales Opportunity by GregMedia, Inc. You have your choice of entering each contact individually or upload a whole list using our contact info template. Either way you can upload your contacts easily and accurately.

You are on the home page of the CRM. Click on the Company button and that will take you to the contact Management Panel. In order to insert a contact manually simply click on the green plus sign button that says “add company”. A form will appear to be filled out with the contact information. The only fields that are not mandatory are: Street address 2, phone 2, Fax, and Mobile. Address notes needs to have something in it. I use this as my first call or the prospect’s industry. Company type is: “Lead”, “Prospect” or “Account”. The most common definition for the 3 company types are a “Lead” is a company that has not been contacted, a “Prospect” is one that has been contacted and an “Account” is a company that has bought. This distinction is important because in many sales organizations once a sales person sells to a company that company becomes there account and they get credit for any return business. If you do not have a particular piece of information required by the form just put in something fictitious. If you don’t have the email for example put in or anything which complies with the email format.

If you have a list of “Prospects” or “Accounts” that you want to import the process is simple. Click on the “Contact Info Template” which will down load an excel template. Make sure that you fill all the mandatory fields which are indicated on the excel spread sheet. Once the spread sheet is finished save it as a .xls not a .xlsx which is the newest format. We chose the older format so that those that had an older version of Excel could still upload their contacts. Choose the company type, “All types”, “ Leads ”, “Prospects ”, or “ Accounts”. Select the file from your local machine by using the “Browse” button click on the “Import to Database” button and you are finished. You will see a confirming statement.

 Using the Admin Tool  Admin Tools Tutorial

The Admin Tools For the CRM by Greg Media allow the admin to manage and customize the CRM to best fit your own organization’s needs. Adding and removing users is easy and every team can have up to 4 members for free. Manage lead sources allows you to know which marketing campaigns are working and which are not. It works by labeling each opportunity with a lead source such as Google, cold calling or particular trade show. After a period of time it will be easy to analysis the numbers and see which marketing campaigns are working and which are not. As administrator of the CRM you can also manage the steps of the sales process. The default setting are “The 5 steps of the sales call”, that I train with. You can watch the video series under the tab of “sales training.” As admin you can also check out the team members results and see where they are in the sales process with their prospects. These tools make administering the CRM from GregMedia, Inc. easy. 

 Create a Sales Opportunity  
 We have imported the companies and contacts and now we need to manage them. From the CRM home page click on “Company”. You will see the name of the company and in the column, “total contacts” you will see the number of contacts that have been uploaded. The number of contacts is a link, so click on it. And this will take you to the Manage Contact Information area.  If you want to create another contact here is the place to do it.

Here is where you create an “Opportunity”, which is defined as; actions taken by a sales profession to procure the purchase of a particular product or service to an account or prospects. Really it means trying to sell something to someone. The opportunity is where you log and plan your sales activity. The best way to do this is to have a single entity for each sales process. An opportunity is tied to one contact. So next to the contact there is a red link “Create” and click on it to create the opportunity. You will see the name of the company and the contact the opportunity will be attached to. Usually you need to leave this alone. If you need to change the contact it can be done here. You will need to name the opportunity, I usually use the name of the Company. Sales Rep, that would be the person who is logged in at the time so there is no reason to change that. Lead Source which will be covered more extensively in the Admin tutorial. For now, just push the arrow on the drop down and select the correct source of the lead which could be a trade show or a particular marketing campaign, etc. Status is usually left open. Opportunity Value is where you forecast the amount of the potential sale. Confidence in closing is just asking for a percent you will close a deal that has the same characteristics. Use the calendar utility to estimate when you plan to sell to this contact and close the opportunity. Quote /Proposal and contract agreement allow you to upload into the system any document that you may want to refer to later. In the details field you can put any notes that help with connecting to the contact. These as are all the fields are mandatory except for those that are there for uploading documents. Once you have completed this form click on save opportunity. You now have a saved opportunity which you see on the dash board under recent opportunities and obviously when you click the “opportunities” badge.

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